A quick guide in using the TradeNet PlaTform




TradeNet.gov.ph is an internet-based platform that integrates the licensing, permit, clearance, and certification systems of all trade-related government agencies. It covers the functions of the Philippine National Single Window, and makes the trade facilitation processes of government agencies become inter-operable.

The TradeNet provides the following services:

  1. Single-entry point where users can submit information and documents to government agencies in order to comply with import/export requirements;
  2. Automated inter-agency document routing between government agencies;
  3. ‘Single source of truth’ of trade information for all users;
  4. Real-time trade-related reports and reliable data for risk assessment;
  5. Checks and verification against government business registries;
  6. Accountability and transparency on all import/export requirements work flows;
  7. Connection to the ASEAN Single Window and other regional trading platforms for the cross-border electronic exchange of trade documents.

Through TradeNet, users will enjoy the following advantages:

  • Electronic/paperless processing of import/export documentary requirements
  • Faster and more transparent processing of documents in government
  • Prevention of incomplete document submission that pose opportunities for “informal” negotiations in government agencies, which leads to corruption
  • Provision for real-time data on import/export particulars, advance profiling, and tax revenues for the government
  • Facilitation of ease of doing business in the country

A total of 76 trade-related agencies are connected to the TradeNet system.

TradeNet can be accessed by anyone connected to the internet, though the primary users of this system are the following: • Market Users: traders (importers and exporters), customs brokers, banks, informal and formal shippers, overseas foreign workers, diplomatic staff, inbound forwarders • Government Users: frontline operations, approvers and signatories, revenue managers, business analysts, data managers/analysts, IT managers

The TradeNet portal can be accessed through any computer or mobile gadgets such as smartphones and tablets.

The TradeNet general information website (info.tradenet.gov.ph) is available to anyone connected to the internet. The TradeNet portal (tradenet.gov.ph) is available to registered users. Registered users of the portal can access the following information: database of trade-related information such as: a. List of trade regulatory and oversight government agencies b. Legislation, department orders, and memorandum issuances c. Trade and tariff table with up-to-date tariff schedules and information d. Duty and tax calculator e. List of regulated importable goods f. Other trade-related information

Market users need to register to TradeNet to have verified log-in credentials that will allow them to fully utilize system features such as:

  • Electronic accreditation
  • Import/export permit and clearance application
  • Shipment information management and cargo declaration
  • Documentation management
  • Single payment portal
  • User dashboard

Users need to input an email address upon registration at TradeNet. Modifications to user profiles and updates on applications to trade-related agencies will trigger an alert/notification to email addresses linked to the users' profiles.

No. Online registration to TradeNet is free of charge.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology maintains the smooth operation and over-all cyber-wellness of the system. The department also ensures the stability of TradeNet’s connection to the ASEAN Single Window and other regional trading platforms.

Trade regulatory agencies have full management capabilities and ownership of information submitted to them by market users. Each agency’s access to customer information is dictated and limited by the policy requirements of each agency to complete submitted requests. No agency can modify or tamper information processed and released by another agency.

Personal information refers to details that would directly and certainly ascertain your identity (like your name, Tax Identification Number, Passport Number, e-mail, street address, and the like). These details are essential to verify the authenticity of transactions in the system, i.e. that the user or importer is a real person. Such information may also be prescribed by law as requisites to the issuance of permits or the grant of duty or tax exemptions.

By the nature of the transactions, which TradeNet facilitates, it would have to share the information it gathers with other government agencies. However, TradeNet will not share information with the public or private third persons.

Personal data shall be disposed or discarded in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access, or disclosure to any other party or public, or prejudice the interests of the data subjects.




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