With the exponential increase in those affected and decimated by the current CoVid-19 Pandemic, Metro Manila remains under General Community Quarantine (GCQ). As a result, government agencies are only mobilising fifty percent (50%) of its employees (skeletal force) while observing strict health protocols to reduce the transmission of CoVid-19 among the same. On the other hand, alternative work arrangements, such as working-hour shifts, work from home (WFH), where feasible, are afforded to those comprising the remaining fifty percent (50%).

To get acclimated in these pressing times where remote work proves critical, the Tradenet Team has been exploring different digital platforms to efficiently transition to online activities, which includes but is not limited to: meetings, workshops, onboarding, and similar undertakings, in an effort to continue to forge connections with its stakeholders. Taking into consideration that there are only six (6) months left before the end of 2020, and with the concomitant constraints in budget and human resource, the team can only onboard one or two agencies for the remaining months.