The Department of Finance successfully conducted the 6th NSWSC Meeting held last October 5, 2021. At the said meeting, Deputy Commissioner Allan Geronimo reported the progress of the ASEAN Customs Declaration Document (ACDD) Implementation and Work Plan. He stated that the ACDD is a subset of the BOC export document that the ASEAN Member states have agreed to share for advance information and risk profiling. It is also the second document to be shared by the ASEAN Member States. The first document was the Electronic Certificate of Origin, which went live last December 2019.

The main activity of the Technical Assistance is the development of the ACDD Operations Portal to expedite the Philippines’ participation in the cross-border exchange of ACDD by December. The ACDD Team is composed of representatives from USAID API, BOC, and DOF.

The two main components of this project are the design and development of the ACDD Operations Portal and the design and development of the applications, programming interface, and routing platform.

Last August 2021, the USAID API successfully contracted the service provider Intercommerce Network Services (INS) to develop the ACDD Operations Portal and the Routing Platform. It will take about six months to complete the development and testing with the other ASEAN Member States. Given the Timeline, the team will prioritize the exchange to the ASEAN Single Window Gateway, sponsored by DOF.

The USAID API Support also includes the public awareness campaign plan for the National Single Window. The Terms of Reference were also finalized last September. The procurement process is now ongoing.

The last component of the USAID API Technical Assistance is developing a National master data plan for information sharing and interoperability using a technical reference guideline for TRGAs and BOC.