As of February 28, 2021, ASEAN reports and recognizes that the Philippines has sent 18 and received 123,074 Electronic Certificates of Origin(e-CO) to and from the other Asean Member States(AMS). For 2021 alone, the Philippines has sent 3 and received 20,840 Electronic Certificates of Origin so far. This means that the Philippines continues to roughly still average 9,000+ monthly e-CO exchanges with their neighboring Asean Countries.

The Philippines has encountered a few technical issues early into 2021 that resemble some of the issues encountered in 2020. Due to previous encounters the technical team was able to resolve these similar issues encountered in 2021 with much more haste preventing long downtimes thus avoiding large impact to the system.

The Philippines is now on its final leg of testing with Lao PDR and Singapore, which started last December 2020. Once the final testing gets completed with success the Philippines will be officially declared to have live exchange with all AMS including Lao PDR and Singapore by March 15, 2021.