During the most recently held 7th NSWSC Meeting, NSW-TWG Chairman and BOC Commissioner Rey Guerrero discussed the progress report of the NSW-TWG and its clusters for the period of October 2021 and ways forward. He also mentioned that the NSW-TWG successfully convened a General Assembly with the nine (9) TWG Cluster Chairs to discuss the priority activities and projects in implementing the NSW and ASW initiatives.

Deputy Director General of the ARTA and the Vice-Chair for Onboarding Matters, Undersecretary Ernesto V. Perez provided a detailed report on the number of agencies which have duly complied with the submission of the Agency Counterpart Teams (68 agencies), Onboarding Documents Checklists (69 agencies), and the Bi-Weekly Reports (41 agencies) as of December 06, 2021.

Undersecretary Perez also assured that the ARTA will continuously work and collaborate with the DOF-TPMO, BOC, and DICT in ensuring the full materialisation of the onboarding project and will continuously engage the TRGAs to further ensure their commitment to timely and full onboarding to the TradeNet Platform.

Ms. Glessel CasiƱo of the TradeNet PMO reported the TradeNet Onboarding Progress in which she stated that the EODB-ARTA Council issued MC 2021-01 mandating all TRGAs to onboard the Tradenet Platform and pursuant to this, the Tradenet Onboarding started as early as February 2021 and that the TradeNet PMO disseminated the Tradenet materials to all the TRGAs.

Mr. Johrel Maximiano of the TradeNet PMO discussed the TradeNet 2022 Work Plan Outline. He noted that the objective of the TradeNet 2022 Work Plan is to propose a clear, specific, and comprehensive work plan, subject to the approval of the NSW SC. The work plan, as stated by Mr. Maximiano, provides a clear delineation of the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved (NSW SC, NSW TWG, TPMO, DICT, and TRGAs), and shall equip TRGAs with the necessary information for the implementation of the work plan.