In December 2020, the Ease of Doing Business and Anti Red Tape Advisory Council issued Resolution No. 12, endorsing and mandating the onboarding of the TRGAs to the TradeNet platform. In March 2021, the ARTA issued Memorandum Circular 2021-01, which stated the guidelines, project timeline, and the activities to be undertaken by the identified TRGAs for compliance with the TradeNet Onboarding Workplan. The Authority also issued another Resolution in its 13th Council Meeting reiterating the mandatory onboarding of all identified TRGAs to the platform.

The significant milestones. As reported, 67 agencies–or 91.78% of total TRGAs–have issued office orders to create agency Counterpart Teams and have complied with the Onboarding Document Checklist. A total of 39 agencies or 53.42% of 73 TRGAs have submitted Bi-weekly Reports.

The following agencies have been identified: Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Overseas Workers’ Welfare Administration (OWWA), Phividec Industrial Authority, Regional Board of Investments – BARMM, and the Office of Transportation Cooperatives (OTC). PHIVIDEC and CDA have been issued Compliance Notices, whilst OTC and OWWA both have pending Delistment Requests. The NCCA is currently awaiting new office administration this October.

For Priority Agencies under Milestone 2 and 3, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and Office of Transportation Security (OTS) have been issued with Compliance Notices due to the lack of bi-monthly report submission.

Agencies that have been issued Compliance Notices have submitted lacking requirements.
In coordination with the TPMO, ARTA continuously organizes meetings and assemblies to demonstrate the intent and commitment to the objective of onboarding all identified TRGAs to the TradeNet platform.

Continuous coordination and collaboration with DOF – TPMO, BOC, and DICT is maintained to address pressing issues and/or concerns that may affect the implementation of the project.