During the most recently held NSWSC Meeting, Mr. Tan reported statistics for the eCO exchange with other ASEAN member states. Specifically, a 20-25% trending increase in e-CO’s sent to the Philippines this year compared to last year. He mentioned that we could expect probably 120-125k more or less of eCOs coming into the Philippines next year.

There is also a new format for e-CO that is due to go live on December 1, 2021; it’s also known as the standard header, a new design that was prepared way back in 2019 and was initially supposed to be released earlier. The change was brought about in preparation for the new documents that the NSW or the ASEAN region would exchange, such as the ACDD or the Asean Custom Declaration Document, the e-Phyto Certificate, Animal Health Certificate, and ESPS Certificate, and others. This new format would address the concerns of routing into different agencies, coming in and out of the country.