In line with the use of ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature in the onboarding of TRGAs, the TradeNet Adhoc PMO initiated a discussion with the Tariff Commission (TC) and Philippine National Trade Repository for a possible integration of the PhilippineTariff Finder and Philippine National Trade Repository.

In October 07, 2020, TradeNet PMO facilitated the initial discussion with the Tariff Commission for a possible collaboration in the identification of AHTN codes of TRGAs to be onboarded in TradeNet. As discussed, Tradenet PMO and TC should have a memorandum of agreement specifying the scope of work of both parties. Furthermore, it was recommended by TC during the meeting the integration of with the Tariff Finder to establish uniformity of data in terms of commodity classification. Another suggestion was the integration of TradeNet with the Philippine National Trade Repository (PNTR) . Following the discussion, TradeNet PMO and PNTR had a dialogue to establish a dynamic integration of TradeNet platform and PNTR. The primary goal is to have PNTR and TradeNet coexist wherein the PNTR will work as a repository of information of trade processes while the TradeNet will be the platform for trade transactions.

A follow up meeting was conducted with PNTR and TradeNet PMO last December 10, 2020 attended by the technical specialists from both PNTR and TradeNet to discuss the technical components of both systems. The discourse also emphasized the need to finalize the governance structure for trade related information and data to establish a single source of truth. A high-level discussion with PNTR, TC, and TradeNet PMO is the next course of action for this initiative to further discuss the need to formalize the engagement of all parties involved.